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Because we believe that the church and nonprofits can make the world a better place, we decided to take a look at what might be hindering them from doing so.  We came to realize that churches were not always operating as efficiently as they could as organizations and that something could be done about it.  It is also no secret that churches are struggling and dying while congregations are continuing to age.  Burnout is rampant among clergy and caregivers and it doesn't have to be this way.  Instead of accepting the status quo and letting nature take its course, Generations Care Partners Foundation (GCPF) wants to see churches and nonprofits thrive, clergy impassioned, and caregivers empowered.  By meeting these goals, we are convinced that we can create a better and stronger community together.


Our Mission

To partner with congregations and nonprofits to help them become effective change agents in their communities. 

Our Vision

We help clergy, leaders, and caregivers reverse burnout so they can be their their best and truest selves.

Our Core Values

We believe that churches and nonprofits belong in communities.

We believe churches and nonprofits are called to be change agents in those communities.

We believe that burnout does not have to be the cost of serving those we care about.

Our Team

Our Team

Brandyn is our founding Director and passionate about intergenerational dialogue and building healthy congregations.  As former Executive Director of Kindling Hope, a UCC pastor, and owner of numerous business enterprises, he enjoys taking complex problems and turning them into promising opportunities for the betterment of humanity.

Brandyn Simmons
Executive Director


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