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Caregiving is not easy.  We know that.  That is why want to help you have every resource you need to make it manageable and even enjoyable.  Here are some workshops that we provide. The points below are merely a sample of the many things covered in each workshop.

Caregiving 101

This workshop is covers a brief overview of the following topics.  Other workshops are more in depth in those specific subject areas.


- Overview of senior care system, e.g. Medicare, Medicaid and their rules regarding hospital stays, rehabilitation, spend down, five year look back, etc.

- Strategies for managing care

- Advance Directives and Power of Attorney

- Types of long term care, their differences, and what to look for

- Hospice vs Palliative Care

- Stress vs Burnout

- Advanced Care Planning

The Zen of Caregiving

Burnout and stress are not the same thing, but both are avoidable.  With many caregivers falling ill or even dying before the one they are caring for, this important workshop covers vital preventative and reversal tools to keep the caregiver healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

- Self Care Techniques

- Planning Strategies

- Preventative Health

Caring at End of Life

- Explanation of hospice vs palliative care

- Defines comorbidities and admitting diagnoses

- Spirituality at End of Life

- Difficult conversations and how to have them

- Planning methods for after death

Long Term Care and CCRC Planning 


This workshop covers misconceptions and planning strategies for both looking for and planning for the time when an assisted living, independent living, memory care, skilled nursing care, etc., facility is needed.  It also covers spend down, caregiver contracts, durable trusts, look backs and other important preparation tools to be aware of.

Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

Positive Approach to Dementia Care and Caregiving Tips - In this workshop, caregivers learn how to care for their loved one in a path-of-least-resistance approach.  With a strong focus on dementia care, caregivers are given actual practical tools to give themselves and their loved ones a better quality of life.

Overview of types of dementias and their common comorbidities

- Best practices for dementia caregiving such as bathing, sleeping, feeding, activities, communication, etc.

- Maintaining the agency of the loved one with dementia

Advance Directives  


This workshop covers the descriptions, actual forms, and assistance in filling them out for living wills, medicine lists, physician lists, DNR, POLST, Health Care POA, Durable POA, etc.

After the Caregiving Workshop


This workshop covers "regular" grief and its misconceptions as well as ambiguous loss.  Once the loved one who has been cared for dies, what purpose does the caregiver have when she has poured everything into caregiving?  This workshop helps the caregiver find meaning and create an intentional life plan.


After the Caregiving Retreat

You have likely given up almost everything to care for your loved one: your career, relationships, hobbies, your very identity as a person.  You reversed roles and became the parent to your own parent.  Now your loved one has either died or is receiving formal care and you are left wondering what to do with your life.  This retreat will help you discover your True Self and decide what next steps to take as you design an intentional life plan based on who you are.  


Life is full of transitions: loss, retirement, career changes, and so much more.  Such events can leave you wondering what to do next in life and how to do it.  Sometimes we think we have the answers, but struggle to bring them to fruition.  A Professional Certified Coach will lead your peer group toward becoming the best version of yourselves and having the life you deserve.  Contact us for existing groups or to create a new one in your area.  If we are unable to accommodate you, individual coaching will be made available to you at a discounted rate. 




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