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Hone your sense of vocation and leadership skills with one-on-one coaching with a Professional Certified Coach.


Enrich your ministry by reducing stress and burnout as you identify your True Self and develop an intentional life/vocational plan.  This is a 24 hour retreat designed to create space for solitude and rejuvenation.


Ministering to an Aging Congregation

Learn about resources in senior care, ways to minister to caregivers, spirituality at end of life, and how volunteer companion networks can help bring vitality to your congregation.

Intentional Second Vocation

So many of our clergy are required to be bi-vocational.  Instead of picking up a second job at Starbucks, why not create an intentional second vocation?  An intentional second vocation is not only vital during our pastoral careers, but what about retirement?  As we see so many of our colleagues trying to retire, just to have to do pulpit supply or multiple funerals a week to make ends meet or to have a pastorate into their 80s just to keep a roof over their head, doesn't it behoove us to do some intentional vocational planning at this stage in the game?  *This workshop is followed by an optional six week coaching cohort to help create and live into an intentional life plan whether it be entrepreneurial or career.

Mindful Leadership

Too many clergy feel like they need to have all the answers and deal with every facet of the church and its people.  This workshop will help the pastor avoid burnout by taking a mindful approach to leadership and focusing on the questions rather than the answers.  It will also help the pastor take the balcony view and see how the system works and his/her role in it so as to affect positive change.  In essence, this workshop and the Pastor as Coach workshop will show clergy how to be leaders and not managers.

How to Lead Without Burning Out

It's no secret that, along with caregivers and nurses, clergy have the highest burnout rates among professions.  This workshop will teach a mindfulness approach to leadership and ministry so as to avoid and reverse the vicious cycle of burnout.

Coach Approach to Leadership

This workshop takes a new approach to leadership.  Rather than a top-down approach, it teaches one that is inquisitive and elicits ideas from whose who are being led.  You will learn how to ask powerful questions, practice careful and active listening, and other coaching tools that will lead to buy-in from your congregants resulting in lasting change.  


These coaching cohorts are done in groups of 12 or less and are generally conducted online via Zoom.  They are topic based and often follow a retreat or workshop.  They are designed to help you progress in your work toward a specific goal or growth theme.

Intentional Second Vocation

This cohort generally follows the workshop of the same name.  Once you have identified your second vocation - rather it be a career or entrepreneurial endeavor - you will be coached to design and develop that vocation to create something that lasts.

Pastor as Entrepreneur

Whether you are planting a church or leading an existing church, there are certain business fundamentals that clergy should have a grasp on.  This cohort will coach you through thinking and leading like an entrepreneur to bring that fresh life and new ideas to your context.

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