Embark on a journey with your congregation to build deeper connections, create awareness of the overarching narrative that has always been at the core of your church, hear the stories of the individual congregants, and identify ways to co-create a viable and relevant future with God by building on the existing strengths of the congregation.


Churches are comprised of people and people don't always see eye-to-eye.  This may be between groups of people, individuals, or the pastor and the congregation.  Conflict is not always a bad thing as it is a catalyst for change, but it has to be managed thoughtfully and intentionally.  A trained Conflict Transformation Coach will shepherd you to a place of mutual understanding.


Conflict does not need to be negative.  In fact, it can be a healthy catalyst for change in a system that has reached stasis.  In an environment where vulnerability is the rule and conflict is not avoided, constant change to meet the context becomes the way.


Clergy occasionally get leadership training.  “Leaders” within the church are rarely chosen because of their leadership skills nor for their acumen in a particular area.  Sadly, a warm body in a vacant position is perceived as all we can hope for in many situations.  What if leaders in churches were actually trained to lead?  How much weight would be taken off of pastors’ shoulders, burnout avoided, and congregations catalyzed to thrive?  There’s only one way to find out.


Can your leadership team use some centering and motivation?  We will partner with you to customize a leadership retreat or workshop that will invigorate the game-changers in your church.


This training is designed to be done with church councils/boards.  Many church councils are stuck in a pattern of running meetings and doing things the same way every meeting, year after year, based on the same mindset and the same assumptions. This leads to the same results and outcomes.  We train the council members to instead lead from a position of curiosity as we teach them to formulate powerful questions that result in generativity, new outcomes, and new life.

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