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One way to REVERSE or even PREVENT BURNOUT is a change of scenery.  

We often lead retreats for teams to a number of serene settings.  We have various retreat "packages" as well as the ability to craft a retreat to your specific needs.

One popular retreat is the Spanda retreat.  "Spanda" is a Sanskrit term that means to burst forth or to create.  In other words, Spanda is best described as the exact moment when the sun peeks over the horizon at sunrise or the nanosecond when a potential is birthed into reality.

On this retreat, we focus on discovering the True Self of the individuals and the team/organization (getting to the "Why" or the purpose) and also naming the False Self/ego.  This helps the team know its purpose while giving insights into the authentic self of each individual.

One of the biggest causes of burnout is constantly operating out of the ego and experiencing the stress and cognitive dissonance that comes from being someone other than your authentic self.  This is true as much for teams as it is for individuals.

Once these discoveries are made, we embark on the process of designing an intentional life plan for the team and its individuals so as to put that authenticity into practice.  This results in more energy, more creativity, and an environment where stress is reduced or eradicated.

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