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Are you feeling burned out?  You don't have to be.  We believe you deserve better.  Passionate about reversing burnout, we provide workshops and coaching so that you can thrive as your best and truest self.


Burnout affects everyone: clergy, caregivers, leaders, teams, etc.  Many feel that this is just the cost of living out their calling.  We believe that you can serve those you care for without sacrificing yourself.    

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& Resources
Hope as a Journey

June 13, 2019


A post from the AbundantAging Blog on how seniors find hope.

After the Caregiving Ends

March 7, 2013

A post on how to find meaning in life after caregiving has ended.  This is from the discontinued, but timeless New Old Age Blog.

​5 Tips to Help Caregivers Cope with Ambiguous Loss

April 15, 2019


This post discusses the phenomenon known as "ambiguous loss" which often occurs as the loved one you are caring for who has dementia gradually becomes someone else.


From individual coaching to topic-based group coaching, we offer solutions to get you from burnout to your best and truest self.  This goes for your organization as well.  We will  coach your church or nonprofit using Appreciative Inquiry and other best practices to create the thriving environment you seek.


We provide the tools that our clergy and caregivers need to be fully equipped to care for themselves and our aging members.  From leadership resources for clergy to in-depth elder care information that makes life easier for caregivers, we seek to reduce burnout by giving you the resources that you need. 


We partner with congregations and nonprofits to move from a place of assumption to a place of curiosity.  We train councils and boards how to ask powerful questions to move them forward as they get unstuck from that place of always having the same old preconceived notions.  This leads from stagnation to generativity giving new life to your organization.

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