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Caregiver Coaching

The numbers are staggering: tens of millions of informal family caregivers providing care worth tens of billions of dollars.  What is infinitely more concerning is that so many of these caregivers are burned out with no sense of direction.  We understand that, as a caregiver, you are trying to balance your career, relationships, hobbies, sense of self - basically, your life - while trying to navigate this new territory and do your best for your loved one. 


We have a passion for seeing caregivers get out of burnout and find the resources that they need.  Couple this passion with the skills of a coach who is both a Certified Geriatric Care Manager and a Certified Professional Coach and you have one who can journey with you to a life of wholeness.  It is possible to provide the best possible care to your loved one without being a martyr and we will help you do it.

Here are some scenarios in which we partner with caregivers:

  • We contract with other non-profits to provide coaching services to their client caregivers such as through skilled nursing, hospice, and assisted living facilities.

  • We work directly with caregivers on a one-on-one basis both through grant-funded programs and direct pay.

  • We know that being an executive or a small- medium-sized business owner consumes most of one's life.  Managing caregiving at the same time is nearly impossible.  We coach those in these unique situations to discover the best path to balance and thrive in both.

  • Once the loved one has died or gone to a long term care facility, there is a grieving process that must be done.  The caregiver, often having devoted all of their life-energy to caregiving, is left wondering what purpose they have in life.  We will coach them to be their best and truest self in this new season of life.

  • Many companies are not equipped to handle many caregivers among their employee ranks.  We work with these companies through training and team coaching to put systems in place that retain those caregiver employees and create an environment that promotes wellness for both the employee and the organization.

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